Strawberry Nail Art Design

Strawberry nail art is a cool way to add sweetness of the strawberry to your fashion look. This design is perfect for those who love dressing up themselves cool and funky, like me!  😀 . It’s an easy design that requires a little bit patience and of course some nail colors. 🙂 

Things You’ll Need :

♣  Dark green nailart pen

♣  Red nail polish

♣  White nail polish/ nailart pen

♣  Green nail polish

♣  Yellow nail polish

♣  A toothpick

♣  Top coat

Strawberry nail art material required

How To Make :

Step 1 : To paint your nails, use strawberry red color as a base color. Let’s wait until it dries before moving on.

strawberry nail art Step 1

Step 2: Now it’s time to paint the strawberry leaves. First, paint the outlines of Strawberry’s leaves with a dark green nail art pen at the base of your nail.

strawberry nail art Step 2

Step 3 : Then, fill in the spaces with a light green nail enamel. The reason that I painted the leaves with two shades of green is to give it a lifelike appearance.

strawberry nail art Step 3

Step 4: Next, paint the seeds. Make C shaped seeds with your white nail enamel by the help of toothpick. 

strawberry nail art Step 4

Step 5 : Then dip a toothpick into the yellow nail enamel and make small dots in those C shaped seeds. C shapes are made to give a 3D look to the seeds.

strawberry nail art Step 5

Step 6: Wait until your nails are fully dry so as not to smudge the design. Now, apply a top coat over the design to make it protected and shiny.

strawberry nail art design making

          Polished! Put on your funky tees and you’re all set to show off your cute strawberry nail art. 😀

Tip :  

Applying a base coat and a top coat will help your nail design to stay on longer. This also strengthens your nails and prevents them from breaking.  🙂


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