Sugar Spun Nail Art

Hello and welcome to all of our nail lovelies!  I have something really exciting to share with you all. As we all must wanna get rid of our old nail polishes but we love them so much that we don’t even want to throw them off. So the idea is to get you a new way to manicure nails using old and thick nail polishes.  But remember, here ‘old’ does not mean expired nail paints but the one which are not thin enough to give that “smooth and even” coat.  This dry polish technique is little messy yet amazing.

Yea-ah I know this is interesting.

This technique has been around for a while but I don’t know why I had never tried...Sugar Spun Nails. However sugar spun nial art is done in two ways. Either use a new nail paint that is thin and is made thick to lift out the thin line out of polish; or the another one is using an old nail paint, where pulling out the spun like polish is much easier and better. Thus, this may be quite challenging if you use a new nail paint, as it involves placing a few drops of polish on a disposable surface and swirling it around with a toothpick or something similar until it starts to thicken. I would prefer using an old nail polish because it maintains a thick texture even after applying the top coat. However, this nail art mani is a perfect way to challenge yourself to new techniques and making yourself better. It gives a nice opportunity to step out of the comfort zone and play around with new colors and techniques. It may not always work out, but there is always a chance to learn and experiment. Following are the things that will be needed to make this nail art:

Things that you’ll need :

⊃ Silver Base Coat

⊃ Night Blue and Carpet Orange (for the sugar spun parts)

⊃ Clear Top Coat

⊃ Nail Paint Remover

⊃ Vaseline (Petroleum Gel) – Optional

⊃Toothpick or Swirling Tool

sugar spun nail art  material required

Steps to follow :

Step 1:  Apply the silver base coat and let it dry.

sugar spun nail art step-1

Step 2:  ‘Sugar Spun Technique’, is no doubt, one of the messiest technique I have ever done! Luckily, before you start putting nail polish, use petroleum gel on around your nails so that the clean-up is much easier. You can also use cuticle oil for the same purpose.

sugar spun nail art step-2

Step 3:  As I discussed earlier, this mani could be done in 2 ways. Technique using new nail polish is discussed already. Although, the technique I used is using old nail polish. So, just lift a sugar spun-like thin layer of orange polish and drag it to the nails as can be seen in the picture below.sugar spun nail art step - 4

Step 4:  Follow the same step using different nail color.

sugar spun nail art final image

Step 5:  When the whole nail art is completely dry. Apply a coat of clear transparent nail paint. If you are doing this nail art using new nail paint, then I would recommend not to use the clear top coat. Because after protecting it with a coat of transparent nail paint, it decrease the 3-D texture which may not look as interesting as before applying the top coat.

sugar spun nail art- final image

I personally enjoyed doing this Mani thoroughly and just so happy with the outcome I got. Besides the clean-up part, it is a really fun mani to make and I will definitely do it again. So next time you gotta clear up your nail art stuff, keep those old nail paints aside. May be some another day they can be used again. 😉

Thanks for reading!

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