Buddha Acrylic Spray Painting

Hello my dear art fellas! This time I’m so excited to share my new painting with you all. Last time I shared the spray painting technique on a card which was liked very much by many creative beginners . Therefore, this time I have made an another spray painting extending the level of work. I have made this painting on a canvas using the spray technique with acrylic colors in a same way as before. The theme of this painting is Gautama Buddha’s  face as I wanted to make a painting of Buddha for a long time and  to make a next new tutorial for ArtXplorez I  have chosen to do this. Before starting to paint, I researched  about the facial features of Buddha. According to the Buddhist scripts, Buddha has a glowing smooth spotless skin. His complexion has a golden sheen. His cheeks are radiant, fully rounded. His eyes are deep blue and has long thick eye lashes like an ox. His eyebrows are arched like a bow.His hair are thick black with curls and bluish tint to it. His features are sharp and slender. His ears lobes are long and mouth always has a beautiful smile. The calmness and the meditating face of Gautama Buddha transfers such a positive and a relaxing feel into you. And the reason I made this painting using the spray technique is that it mixes so smoothly as well as gives a snowy sheen effect just as described in the Buddhist Scripts. No other technique could make it the way I wanted it to be.

You know when i was showing this painting to the people around me . A friend of mine asked a question that how one can spray if it is to be done on a huge size. Well, few of you might be struggling in your mind with the same question but don’t worry my friends I’ve got an answer for this. Artists use sprayer to color the big surfaces showing the same snowy spray effect. And if you don’t want to spend even a single penny for it. Try and find some bottle at you home that have an nozzle to spray. 😉

Material needed:

♣ Canvas

♣ Glass Marking Pencil

♣ Transparent Tape

♣ Acrylic colors and brushes

♣ Toothbrush or Sprayer

What I did:

Step 1:  Apply a base of 3-4 dark colors as can also be seen clearly in the the picture below. You may also use grey tones instead of the brown tones to give it a marble stone effect. Spray a little on the base made using a light color tone. I have mixed white in it to lighten the color that i wanted to spray.

Buddha Acrylic Spray Painting step- 1

Step 2: Use a glass marking pencil to make a drawing of the subject you want to paint. As you know the subject of my painting is Gautama Buddha’s face so I have drawn the Buddha’s face and hand postures.

Buddha Acrylic Spray Painting step- 2

Step 3: Now seal all the shapes and edges where you do not want to color. Use a transparent (see through) tape to hide the area.

Buddha Acrylic Spray Painting step- 3

Step 4: Now, here comes an interesting part as its spray time . Remember to spray with yellow color tones over the face area. Also to give the sheen effect on to his nose, eyes and chin area add a lightest shade of color. The lighter a color is the shiner it looks. Also hold the sprayer or a toothbrush close to the surface to make the spray of color covers the smaller area.

Buddha Acrylic Spray Painting step- 4

Step 5: Remove the tape and you’ll see the clean edges and cones. Now using the black paint, draw the outlines and other details to finalize the painting.

Buddha Acrylic Spray Painting step- 5

Step 6: However, the painting is all done but if you want to add some extra elements then don’t be afraid to try some. I have added a thread and leaves that looks as if they are floating on to the canvas and few cracks that make it looks like a  painting on rock.

Buddha Acrylic Spray step 6

Below is the final artwork on canvas that I made using the same technique.

Title- The Divine Buddha
Canvas size- 20 x 16 inches
Medium- Acrylic Color

Buddha Acrylic Spray Painting final picture

Here is another painting with the similar technique but with a different subject.

Title- Steps in my Dream
Canvas size- 20 x 24 inches
Medium- Acrylic Color

Acrylic Spray final Painting (1)

Hope all the information and technique I  have shared with you guys may find helpful to you all. Thanks for visiting and reading this tutorial. Feed-backs and questions are always welcome.

Enjoy 🙂


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    beautiful and simpe i am impressed!!plz continue updating me <3

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