Charcoal Drawing and Tips

Charcoal is one of the oldest medium used in drawing. It’s been used by early man for cave drawing. The charcoal you used in art class in elementary schools’ is probably compressed charcoal, which is powdered charcoal that is mixed with gum binder and then compressed into sticks. The amount of binder used determines how hard or soft the stick will be. This is also a type used in charcoal pencils. One of the benefit of charcoal includes that it smears really very easily but beware this benefit can also be turned as a demerit of the medium. The tools I used to make this charcoal portrait/drawing are very few.So get ready 😉

Tools & Material Used:

♦ Charcoal Pencil

♦ Charcoal Stick

♦ Kneaded Eraser

♦ Cotton

Charcoal-drawing-and-tips material-required

Let’s Make:

Step 1: Begin with drawing an outline of the portrait with Charcoal pencil.

Charcoal-drawing-and-tips step(1)

Step 2: Smear the charcoal in small area on the other scrap paper. Dab and rub down the cotton on the smeared charcoal and let the cotton absorb some gradients of the charcoal. Apply a medium tone with the help of cotton and smooth it with finger or clean cotton.

Charcoal-drawing-and-tips Step 2

Step 3: Start adding different tones to the areas accordingly. Firmer a cotton is rubbed, the lighter shade it produces whereas the harder a cotton is rubbed, the darker shade it  gives.

Charcoal-drawing-and-tips step 3

Step 4: Gives details to the smaller areas such a eyes, eyebrows, lips. You need to have patience while working with such kind of medium as it may take a lot of time.

Charcoal-drawing-and-tips closer-view

Final Picture:

Charcoal angry man Portrait


Some charcoal drawing tips that will definitely benefit you:

♣ In case you can’t avoid resting your hand on the page. Lay down a tissue or newspaper to prevent smudging.

♣ Use workable fixative sprays as you go. If you can’t find one, hair sprays may also be used.

♣ You may also work backwards, cover an entire page with medium tone of charcoal and work with an eraser.

♣ Watch video tutorials to learn new techniques.

Thanks. Stay Happy !!! 🙂 😀


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