Devotional Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic paints  are  fast drying paints. Hence, easy to use and less time consuming. It also gives a glossy effect to the painting. I love painting with acrylic paints. As painting is not really an easy task, I have got a certain number of informative tips that you should take in concern before painting:


 Choose a right or the best material that you can afford.

 Buy a right quality paint brushes. If you have a decent budget, buy brushes having natural hairs. You can easily found them at any art supply stores.

 There are basically two types of acrylic paints: Student’s quality or Artist’s quality. If you have little to spend choose for the student’s quality. The difference between both is that there is more color pigment in the artist’s quality and the paint has a more vibrant color and thus forms a better quality.

 Choose the right shade of colors.

 Decide what to paint or make a rough sketch in your mind.

 Find a bright place and set up water, paper towels, color plate, brushes and your canvas/paper.

acrylic paints

  Here is some part of my work:


Lord Ganesha Acrylic painting

 Another “THE LORD GANESHA” Painting. 

Lord Ganesha

 Resemblance of “THE MEERA BAI”

Meerabai Acrylic painting

Thank you for sparing your priceless time. 🙂


  1. by Christina on August 12, 2013  10:53 am Reply

    Fabulous work :)

  2. by Prashant on September 6, 2014  3:42 am Reply

    I liked ur paintings, especially Lord Ganesha, god of happiness painting. I want to buy that painting in 24" x 36" size. Could u pl draw it for me ?
    Prashant kaduskar

  3. by Nitin Singh (Neal) on September 14, 2014  1:18 pm Reply

    Dear Prashant
    Thanks for showing your interest in one of our paintings. The details have been sent on your email id.
    Kindly Check and revert.

    artXplorez Team

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