Jensen Ackles Charcoal Portrait

Charcoal is a very professionalized media. This is a professional looking media that gives a perfect black and white image. It is done just with a little chunk of charcoal and eraser. Charcoal is also a good way of learning gray shades, but many people wondered how those images are made to look so cool with just a piece of charcoal.

Let’s get started with some grounded points:

♦ Remember that Coal is very messy. It comes off your skin very easily, but to avoid your table becoming all black, put some newspapers or other papers under your work space. 

♦ Make the picture or portrait you want to make with the help of a graph. Aim for some basic highlights of the human face. You don’t need to copy the image exactly. If the image is dark, make the background light or vice-verse.

♦ Just rub the charcoal on an another piece of paper and let the cotton engross some gradients of charcoal and rub it all over the white paper.  Turn the white paper black by applying a medium tone with the help of a cotton.  Don’t leave any white spots. It must have smooth and even texture. You can soften the area by applying an even and same pressure all over.

♦ Once you have the basic eye outline, start working on the darker shades of gray. The harder you put pressure on cotton, the darker shade it gives.

♦ Now, take your eraser and erase those areas out. Put less pressure as you go out of the lighted area. Now, take your finger and rub those areas. That blends the gradient and makes it more realistic.

♦ Take eraser and make lines along the black area that is supposed to be hair. Be sure to follow the photograph you choose as reference. Also, consider eyeballs and the shines. Try to analyze every detail that is given in the reference.

♦ If you’re a beginner, start practicing to make some fruits or may be with flowers. Pay close attention to lighting and shading and use same techniques as you used in portrait to bring the image to your paper.

Have a Glance : 

View 1:

Jensen Ackles Charcoal Portrait view


View 2:

Jensen Ackles Charcoal Portrait (2)


View 3:

Jensen Ackles Charcoal Portrait (3)


View 4:

Jensen Ackles Charcoal Portrait (4)

Hope these points works for you. Thank-you. 🙂



  1. by Nikhil Aggarwal on October 10, 2013  6:25 am Reply

    Simply WOW.,.,.,

    • by Ojal Sharma on October 26, 2013  1:17 pm Reply

      Glad that you liked it! ;)

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