Nature Acrylic Paintings

Are you afraid to paint just because of your age? Or are you forcing yourself to paint? 😮

Just remember that inspiration comes naturally. And all you need to do is just practice practice and practice!

No issues if you want to start  by just making lines or simple shapes.  Then try painting  a tree or a flower. Don’t be afraid to try painting in different ways or styles such as One Stroke Painting. Look at the simple painting that I make below. Isn’t it looking stunning ?? 😀

This marvelous painting is being inspired from dusk and I named it as


Edge of Darkness Acrylic painting illustration

Closer View:

Edge of Darkness Acrylic painting closer view

Next painting shows the fantastic nature’s view of blossoming flowers and the rainbow. I painted this a few days ago. 🙂

 “Blossoming flowers and the Rainbow”   

blossoming flowers and rainbow acrylic  painting

Closer View:

blossoming flowers and rainbow painting closer viewA

Don’t be afraid to try different techniques or tricks.  Try advanced techniques after more practice. Try adding details such as depth by texturing, shadowing, lighting. Your paintings will become better with time. In the end pay attention to details. Add more and more details to your painting.

And afterwards, I  have painted this fanciful scene” on an A3 size of a plain white pastel sheet. I tried to lay out the basic shape and composition with less details.

You can paint this on a greeting card and present it to your boyfriend/girlfriend on a particular occasion. He’ll definitely love it. 🙂 😀

“Couple Acrylic Painting”

Couple Acrylic Painting

If anyone has any doubts please feel free to post a comment  I’d be very glad to respond. 🙂

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