Spray Painting using Toothbrush

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Hope you all are well 🙂 . I am again here with a new post and today’s topic is Spray Painting. Spray painting is a method of painting by spraying paint in small dots. A simple tool used for spray painting is a tooth brush. Use a toothbrush to paint a spray of colors around shape cut-outs/ stencils. A toothbrush is the perfect brush for splattering paint to create small drops, such as spray on a wave or in a waterfall, or texture on a rock. It also has potential for creating weathered roof tiles or shingles. Just be sure to use an old toothbrush for painting, not the one you’re currently using for brushing your teeth otherwise you’ll be flaunting colorful teeth instead of the visible whiteness you always wanted to have. Hehehe… 😀 .

  • Difficulty level: Easy to moderate
  • Skill level: Basic
  • Time taken to design- 15-20 minutes to paint
  • Time taken to complete the design depends on the pattern

If you are not willing to spend much money, this technique is best suited to you 🙂 .

What all you need:

  • Paper/ Canvas/ Fabric
  • Acrylic Paint/ Water Colors
  • A glass of Water (for the dilution of paint)
  • Tape/ Stencils
  • Tooth Brush
  • Hand Towel/ Tissue Paper

spray painting using toothbrush material required

How you do it:

Before we start, lets look at the ways to use a toothbrush for spray painting:

  • Take the paint and dip the tooth brush in it.
  • Press the bristles of the brush with your thumb and take it in a backward direction.
  • Holding the brush near to the surface will get the thicker dots and cover the smaller area whereas holding it far will cover large area with small dots.

Step 1: Put a stencil or tape on the desired surface and area. Either you can randomly spray paint on the surface or you can use a stencil work too. In addition to both the cases you can also first draw a design of your own on the canvas and put the tape over the area you don’t want the spray work to be showed. Clean the edges and soft corners with a help of a craft knife for the desired shape of the tape that is put.

spray painting using toothbrush step 1

Step 2: Aim it at the paper and you will get the texture like the one in the sheet. You can also use two or three colors together. Just like I did. I use Red and Pink color together to make a rosy shade.

spray painting using toothbrush step 2

Step 3: Once you’re done with the spray work. Remove the stencil/tape and enjoy the design you have made. Correct, if any mistake, with a paintbrush.

spray painting using toothbrush step 3

spray painting using toothbrush step-4


spray painting using toothbrush final pic


  • Always test on a sample paper before using a toothbrush spray (not applicable for kids, let them be free to work).
  • You can even use old toothbrush for the purpose.
  • The paints should be diluted enough to get a desired texture.
  • Paint spreads differently on different surface based on the absorbency.
  • Almost any kind of designs can be tried with spray painting technique using a stencil. The free form abstract effect of spray painting is just unique.

I hope this would help you in creating variety of artworks. Feel free to leave your comments on this project. Your feedback and suggestions help us to provide what you wish 🙂

Take care!

Bye and Enjoy Painting 🙂



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