Big Eyed Owl Card Making

Card Making:

Owls signifies as a symbol of rage in here but that stereotype has been turned into a cool and wild fashion representative. Even in the fashion streets you may have seen them, looking a little hipper and stealing your heart for one more round. That’s the only reason i have chosen Owl figure as my new craft. If you like owls, I bet you will love learning how to make this “Big Eyed Owl Greeting Card”. 

So let’s get started:

Step 1: Bring the short sides of a letter sized orange card sheet together and fold it in half.

Orange sheet for card making

Folded card making sheet

Step 2: Draw an owl shaped figure that overlaps the fold over the head very  slightly as shown in the picture below.

pencil design on sheet of owl card making

Step 3: Cut out the shape of owl figure from the folded side and rub the stray pencil marks.

Cut out shape of owl for card making

Step 4: Cut 2 white large circles to make the eyes and 2 brown circles just a little bit smaller than the white ones.

eyes of owl for card making

Step 5: Paste the brown small eyes on the white base big eyes and whole onto the owl’s face.

brown eyes pasted on sheet for owl face

Step 6: Cut slightly curvy triangular shaped ears.

Curvy triangular shaped ears for owl making

Step 7: Also cut yellow wavy feathers as shown in the picture.

yellow wavy feathers for owl design card making

Step 8: And of course , the feet and also a base. Refer to the picture below to make and cut the shapes.

Feet of owl design in card making

tree base for owl design in card making

Step 9: Now its time to paste them all. Stick them from the back side of the Card to prevent the messy look. Don’t forget to refer the picture!!

owl design greeting card

Step 10: Add on some details. As an instance, I shaded light yellow color in the eyes to give it a dazzling effect. Also added two triangles as a nose and the forehead.

owl design greeting card final image

 There are hundreds of choices to make one. And hope you like this too.

Thank you and Keep Visiting!  🙂




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