Easy Paper Quilling

Quilling is also known as paper filigree or twirled paper technique. The quilling work looks very pleasant. It may look quite difficult to make but they are in fact very easy if you know the basics. It is based on the technique of rolling narrow strips of paper into coils which are arranged in different decorative pattern. Most of all can be created just by making the simple coils.

The time when I started making these flowers I never knew that it would make me so addictive with this paper technique. Though it took little time to cut these strips but I love rolling these coils and making shapes. I find it so interesting every time.

Before you give it a start, you need some quilling strips. You can buy them form a craft or stationary shop but if don’t want to spend any bucks then you can also make them yourself by simply cutting the thin long strips from craft paper using a scale and a paper cutter. I have cut my quilling strips using a paper shredder that is also preferably used as quilling machine. It is easily available in different sizes in market. So, today I’m going to give you a complete guide step by step for making a beautiful framed piece using these paper strips.

 Material Required:

♦ Colored Craft Sheet

♦ Quilling Strips

♦ Scissor or Paper-cuter (optional)

♦ Glue

paper quilling step- (material required)

 Steps to follow  :

Step 1. Start with curling the paper strip over the toothpick or free hand.

paper quilling step-1

Step 2. Make a simple open coil.

paper quilling step- 2

Step 3. Dab a little glue at the end of the strip and paste it. Now you’ll get a coil shape like this below.

paper quilling step- 3

Step 4. Pinch one side of the coil to make a teardrop shape.

paper quilling step- 4

Step 5. I have added another color to make it more stable and attractive. So wrap an another color strip to teardrop shaped coil and glue the end with with fast dry adhesive.

paper quilling step- 5

Step 6. Make plenty of shapes like small and big tight coils, closed coils and teardrop shape. All these can be seen in the picture below.

paper quilling step- 6

paper quilling step- 6

Step 7. Now, it time to place them all on the right places. Cut 4 rectangular pieces of 5 x 15cms from a thick cartridge sheet. You can use mount board as well for a thick base if you don’t want to get it frame.

paper quilling step- 7

Step 8. Think of the design you want to make and start placing the strips first. Add a little glue on one side of the edge and place it according to the pattern you’ve thought of. You can also mark the pattern with color pencil matching the color of the base.

 paper quilling step- 8

paper quilling step-9

paper quilling final image


♦ Add heart shaped coils, s-scrolls, v-scrolls to make it more beautiful.

♦ You may embellish with pearls or tiny stones nearby flowers and end of scrolls.


  1. by angela jose on January 1, 2015  6:35 pm Reply

    They are very pretty indeed :) I have always wondered how to fill areas in a landscape painting through quilling. If you have any idea about that pl do a tutorial :)

    • by Ojal Sharma on January 7, 2015  3:59 am Reply

      Yeah sure angela I'd love to share a tutorial on that. Thanks :)

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