Easy Paper Rose Flower Making

Friends, I am soo excited to share this super cute tutorial today 🙂 . I just love making paper origami and making paper flowers as an origami is just perfect.. These are adorable and fancy. Paper craft work has always been great, specially for kids. This is one of my favourite paper craft origami tutorial so far.;)

One can use Floral tape or Coloured Scrap-book paper to add some leaves. Paper Flowers can adapt to any use, Embellish them to photo-frames or on greeting cards. 🙂

So let’s start with :

♦ Different Coloured Paper 

♦ Designer Scissor

♦ Golden Glitter Powder

♦ and an Adhesive Glue.

paper-rose-flower-material required

Follow the grounded steps below:

Step 1: Take a colourful square paper or cut a paper in square shape. Now make a spiral shape on square paper and cut the spiral along the lines you have drawn.


Step 2: Begin rolling up the spiral from outside.


Step 3: Keep on rolling until there are no more left to roll.


Step 4: Apply some glue or double sided tape at the base of the flower and hold it there for few seconds. This will keep the flower from unrolling and loosening up with time. I used glue to the end of these flowers as you can see in the picture below.


Step 5: This is how it will look like when its over. 😉


Step 6: You can also dab some golden glitter powder if you wish to.


I  have made a bunch of these flowers and this is how they look : 🙂


 You can also make a little bouquet with them. Have fun! 🙂



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