Hand Made Paper Gift Box

Everybody love exchanging gifts, small or big. It needs no reason or any occasion to gift someone except lovely warm feelings :). If the packing or wrapping of the gift packed is beautiful, even the small gift becomes heartfelt. And for that reason only I’ve brought you a new project that will elaborate you to make a “Handmade Paper Gift Box”. This is actually a perfect project for Valentines. This paper Gift Box is so simple yet creative. It hardly takes 15-20 minute to make one. Follow the instructions and it will be ready in just 3 easy steps. 😉

 Material  you’ll  need:

♣ Round compact disk.

♣ Scissor

♣ Printed Paper ( thick enough to hold the shape)

♣ Ribbon

♣ Pencil (to mark the outlines)

paper gift box material used

Here’s the Procedure :

Step 1: Place the CD on the printed paper and trace a template as like shown in the picture below with the help of a pencil so that it can be erased later.

paper_gift_box step (1)

Step 2: Cut the template area.

paper_gift_box step (2)

Step 3: Crease with the help of a scissor way across the lines made with pencil. Fold the crease accordingly and erase the lines afterwards.

paper_gift_box step (3)

Here your box is ready to use. Pack your present in it and tie it with a ribbon. 😉 🙂

paper_gift_box (4)

Here’s the other one i have made :

Hand Made Paper_gift_box (6)

Hope you’d love to make it. Thanks 🙂





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