Puppy Flap Card

In this Paper Craft Project, We will make a Puppy Flap Card. This cute, flap eared puppy card is so fun to make, Especially for puppy lovers. So get ready!!!  😉 😀

Material Required :

◊ Letter sized sheets of white, blue, yellow, orange and red card stock.

◊ Scraps of white and black paper.

◊ Glue.

◊ Scissors or craft knife.

puppy_flap_card 0

Get Started:

Step 1: Cut the white piece of card stock and fold them in half to make a shape of a greeting card.

puppy_flap_card 1

Step 2: Cut another rectangular shape from a blue paper equal to the white folded card, leaving a little margin from both sides of the card. Also fold the margin side as shown in the picture.

puppy_flap_card 2

Step 3: Cut a semi-circle shape from yellow paper  and glue it to the bottom of the blue piece, leveling with the bottom edge.

puppy_flap_card 3

Step 4: Make an ear shape figure and cut it from your orange paper as described below.

puppy_flap_card 4

Step 5: Now, make a tongue of the same extent as the space left in between both the ears.

puppy_flap_card step 5

Step 6: Fold the flaps of an ear and glue the tongue to it.

puppy_flap_card step 6

Step 7: Make a slit in the blue piece of the same width as tongue.

puppy_flap_card Step 7

Step 8: Feed the tongue through the slit from the back.

puppy_flap_card 8

Step 9: Cut the shape of a face from yellow paper leaving a flap on the above edge of the paper. Put glue only on the shaded area shown in the image.

puppy_flap_card step 9

Step 10: Paste it over the blue piece of paper.

puppy_flap_card step 10

Step 11: Cut two white circles having 1 inch diameter and two black circles of half inch diameters. Make eyes by gluing the black onto the white. Then glue the completed eyes on. Make sure they are in a spot that is hidden by the ears when they are folded down. Also make an oval shaped big nose.

puppy_flap_card 11

Step 12: Take the blue piece and apply some glue on the flapped margin area. Fold over the blue side flaps toward the back and crease them well and paste it over the white card.

puppy_flap_card step 12

Step 13: Put some glue on the yellow head flap too. Open the card and fold over the yellow flap between the ears. Now, paste it to the inside cover of the card.

puppy_flap_card step 13

Its time to test the ear action now! 😉

Check it out by pulling the tongue down and watch the ears flip up, as shown below :

puppy_flap_card 14

Push the tongue back inside and the ears will fold back down. 😛

puppy_flap_card 15

 You may also write a note on the inside of the card and send some silly but cute notes to your loved ones. 🙂

puppy_flap_card 16

Bye-Bye! Your Puppy Flap card is finished now! 🙂 😉 😀


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