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  • Decorative Diyas(Oil / Wax Lamps) Using Waste CD's

  • Hey fellas! Here i am agian with a new project based on the greatest indian festival, Diwali or Deepavali.  The interesting part of Diwali decoration is Diya decoration and arranging them in beautiful ways. This Craft is an amazing and unique idea for Diya decoration which you might not have thought of ;). As, Diwali is just one day after and I am pretty excited to light these colourful diyas and [...]
  • Enchanting Diyas (Oil Lamps) Using Bangles

  • Hey Pals, everybody knows it's a festive season in India  these days as Diwali is just two days short ;) :). Diwali, is a festival of lights and gazetted holiday in India. It's a five day Hindu festival. :) :D DIWALI stands for D- Diya, I- Inner light, W- Worship, A- Art, L- Legends, I- International. On this sparkling eve, adults burst crackers and lighten up their homes with beautiful lights[...]