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  • Easy Paper Rose Flower Making

  • Friends, I am soo excited to share this super cute tutorial today :) . I just love making paper origami and making paper flowers as an origami is just perfect.. These are adorable and fancy. Paper craft work has always been great, specially for kids. This is one of my favourite paper craft origami tutorial so far.;) One can use Floral tape or Coloured Scrap-book paper to add some leaves. Paper Fl[...]
  • Puppy Flap Card

  • In this Paper Craft Project, We will make a Puppy Flap Card. This cute, flap eared puppy card is so fun to make, Especially for puppy lovers. So get ready!!!  ;) :D Material Required : ◊ Letter sized sheets of white, blue, yellow, orange and red card stock. ◊ Scraps of white and black paper. ◊ Glue. ◊ Scissors or craft knife. Get Started: Step 1: Cut the white piece of card stock and [...]
  • 3D Lizard Paper-Craft

  • "Creature Craft" Hey Fellas! Welcome back again!! :) Here, I've got a new craft work for you all. In this tutorial i will be illustrating a 3D Lizard making . It's a Cool 3D Lizard paper craft. You can place it on your table and have fun making an environment for your lizard by adding stones and moss around it. Make the lizard in different sizes to make a whole family. ;) :) Here's the list w[...]
  • Little Panda Greeting Card

  • Greeting Card Making: This "Little Panda Greeting Card" features a cute black and white patch panda face with a cute bow tie.  You may also try others colors of your choice but for simplicity's sake I'll keep the basic colors as they are. I always try to use the leftover paper pieces to create more paper art and recycle them. Hope you like this craft and you don't have to make to the store for a[...]
  • Big Eyed Owl Card Making

  • Card Making: Owls signifies as a symbol of rage in here but that stereotype has been turned into a cool and wild fashion representative. Even in the fashion streets you may have seen them, looking a little hipper and stealing your heart for one more round. That's the only reason i have chosen Owl figure as my new craft. If you like owls, I bet you will love learning how to make this "Big Eyed Owl[...]