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  • Pencil Shading Landscapes

  • Pencil drawing is the most convenient of all medium an artist can use. If you are a beginner in the art of painting and drawing, the pencil drawing of farms and farmhouses could be very much of help.  Materials required :  ♣  Pencils of H and B system  ♣  Soft rubber    ♣  Drawing paper. Your picture can be of any size or shape you desire. More landscapes are drawn with the horizontal rect[...]
  • Pencil Shading Portraits

  • The first very basic question that comes to everybody’s mind is What makes a good drawing and what makes it as a bad one? Well that really depends entirely on the person looking at your work of art.  To some people it may seem pretty beautiful; on the contrary to others it can be quite awful. Eventually, these viewpoints are based on people's experiences, education, culture and even their attitude[...]