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  • Beach Board Photo Frame Using Popsicle Sticks

  • Hey Guys :), This Popsicle Stick craft is fun activity and easy to make!!. You can use Popsicle/ Ice-Cream sticks to make frames for some of your favourite photos. The craft stick picture frame provides a great base for kids to attach their photos instantly.  This Beach Board Photo Frame using Popsicle Sticks is a theme based frame. The theme that i used to make this frame is a view of beach. ;)[...]
  • Spiral Window Hanging

  • In this world where everything feels so beautiful, I always like to have a glance of the things around me and imagine that how can I bring more beauty and innovation to that? Just like few days back when I was enjoying the very pleasant rainy weather with my favorite chocolate ice-cream ;) ,while sitting adjacent to my window; Then suddenly, an idea stroked in my mind that why don’t I try to mak[...]