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  • Sketch Of A Real Eye

  • The Eyes are probably the most important and interesting part of a human face. Here I've a very interesting project that I'd like to share with all of you. I've got various tips that would help you to make a realistic eye. This takes  a lot of patience and observation. Every eye is different hence there is no universal approach to follow, so you don't need to rely purely on any particular process,[...]
  • Portrait Sketching Using Graph

  • Friends, Here is what I made this week, a Portrait Sketching with Cross Hatching Shading technique using pencil. Sketching needs a lot more practice and technique.  One question that may arise in your mind is, What does one need for a good sketching? Is it Paper or is it Pencil. I believe it is Observation ;). It is the most important attribute for an artist. Whatever the subject you want to sket[...]
  • Cartoons Pencil Sketching

  • Pencil Drawing: Pencil drawing is a technique that involves multi-discipline. It includes blending practical and visual knowledge of an artist. Pencil drawing explains some important principles an artist must know. It teaches us various aspects by step-by-step instructions starting from the observation of simple aspects of drawing to illustrating the difficult aspects such as figurative painting.[...]